My 6 Favorite Healthy Restaurants in NYC

Here are some of my all-time favorite healthy restaurants in NYC. Keep in mind I am a student so these places aren’t extremely expensive! Also, these restaurants are relatively healthy and all have vegetarian/ vegan options.

1. Bar Virage

This place is an “Israeli Gastrobar” or whatever that means. My experience here has been amazing. Definitely try the baba ganoush, it’s the best I’ve ever had. It’s very garlicky and is probably the reason why I like it so much since I’m a real life garlic-addict. The Freekah bowl is to-die-for and filled with a tasty combination of healthy veggies and grains. Cocktails were around $8 during happy hour which paired nicely with our sampler platter.


2. Veselka


This 24 hour diner serves traditional Ukrainian dishes. My favorite thing here is the cabbage/mushroom pierogi with potato pancakes. You really can’t beat that combination.


3. New Mizu





















This place is a very underrated sushi restaurant. I have only ordered take-out from here, but for the price you pay, it is amazing. Try the sweet potato roll – it’s only $4 and very tasty. Plus, it’s vegetarian. Pictured is what I ordered for just $20: avocado spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll, and sweet potato roll.


4. Ivan Ramen




















Inspired by seeing his episode on Chef’s Table on Netflix (I highly encourage everyone to watch this series if they haven’t already), I was drawn to this restaurant. I ordered the vegetarian ramen dish, which seemed like a fair price at $15. But oh boy, after I slurped up my noodles, I thought, “wow, this place could charge $20 and I would still come here”. The noodles were outstanding and the tomato definitely added a whole new level of Umami. Also, definitely look up Ivan Orkin’s story, as it’s crazy!


5. Coco & Cru

I came here for brunch one day with one of my closest childhood friends, not knowing what to expect from an “Australian Inspired Cafe”. Would it just be a small sliver of avocado toast with a hibiscus flower on it? I had no clue. Yet, when our food came, I was overwhelmed by how tasty everything was. I ordered the Vegetarian breakfast for $17 which came with two sunny side eggs, spinach, mushrooms, oven roasted tomatoes, avocado, and home fries. Also, I also ordered the turmeric latte to treat myself. I was pleasantly surpised with how full I was after. Since the food was pretty healthy I felt very nourished and satisfied.


6. Double Zero


I came here with my parents as we have all recently become influenced by trying new vegan cuisine. After we sat down, I noticed how lively the atmosphere was. Bottles of wine brimmed the room and the dim lighting made the vibe just right. I ordered a pizza with vegan ricotta, truffle oil, spinach, and more. The vegan cheese was just insane. Since being dairy-free since summer 2015, I haven’t tasted anything this good and “cheesy” since. You could tell it wasn’t Daiya or something, it was very intricately formulated vegan cheese. I wish the pizzas were all $10 so I could eat this more often! The one complaint I have is that it was extremely hot in there, maybe because of the pizza oven. My dad who is a meat-eater also loved it!! Definitely good reactions all around.

I hope you enjoying my favorite healthy restaurants in NYC! xx

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