Vegan Bites Under $15 in Lower Manhattan

I’d like to preface this post by saying I’m not vegan, but do eat a lot of vegan food. I avoid dairy and meat (besides fish) and really enjoy yummy veggies so these were all places I really liked during my summer in the NYC.

1. Superiority Burger


Superiority burger is no joke. They make the best veggie burgers in nyc, the world, and perhaps the universe. It’s about $6 for the superiority burger (pictured above) and $9 for the mega mouth, a slightly larger burger. The burgers have the option for vegan cheese too for free, making this a very tasty and pretty affordable meal, snack, drunk-food, etc. I’d always be in the mood for one of these burgers. 

I also have ordered the burnt broccoli side which had an array of interesting spices. I would’ve liked it more had it not been so salty, however, I applaud them for being creative with the spices. 

2. Taïm


Taïm is a lovely little spot nudged in Greenwich Village on Waverly place, and have another location on Spring street in SoHo. This summer I practically fell in love with falafel — the ones I had in the past were dry and unappealing. Now, NYC has opened my world to these deep-friend veggie balls. It is safe to say that NYC is feeding my addiction and Taïm became my favorite place to get my fill. This came out to around $7.

Tip: Get the spicy falafel and enjoy it in Washington Square Park. There’s nothing better 😉

3. S’mac


This place has a killer vegan mac n cheese option. I added mushrooms, rosemary, and garlic in mine and it was seriously amazing. It tasted much like traditional mac n cheese but had some earthy flavors involved too. I just loved how much the rosemary stood out! I paid around $8.

4. Westville 


Ohh my gosh. Where do I even start about this place? I had a week of eating pretty unhealthy and felt like I needed a veggie overload. I had always walked past Westville East, but I never tried their food until the end of the summer. I ordered cauliflower with tahini, yuca fries, brussel sprouts, and boy choy. I can’t even begin to describe how good it was. And plus, it was totally cruelty free! I didn’t know veggies could taste this good until I went here. This plate was around $15 but could easily make two meals. 

As you can see from all these vegan places above, there is no lack of yummy, affordable vegan food in nyc. Next time you find yourself debating between a hamburger or a kebab off the street, stop at one of these instead. It won’t only taste amazing (or better in my opinion!!), but you will also be doing the animals and the environment a favor. Real produce and vegan food uses such a slight fraction of the resources as does meat and dairy. Think before you eat 🙂

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