4 Things to Do in Warm Weather in Berlin

  1. Visit a biergarten! Or 3…




These photos were taken at Cafe am Neuen See. It’s a super pretty spot because its right on a pond and you can even rent a little rowboat if you’d like. This was my favorite biergarten out of the three in this post because it offered relaxing views of the water alongside beer and an outdoor kitchen. It had somewhat of a more relaxed, romantic vibe to it.


Prater Garten was also a great spot. It was totally packed when my boyfriend and I went and I can say with confidence that I figured out why! This place is popular because it is the oldest biergarten in Berlin. It was buzzing with people and had a very enthusiastic vibe. I ordered my first Berliner Weisse here which is basically beer with either Woodruff or raspberry syrup. Definitely very sweet & tasty.

Lastly, the third biergarten I went to summer 2017 in Berlin was Golgatha which is situated in Viktoria Park. A bunch of people from my language program met up here on a Tuesday afternoon. I would also highly recommend this biergarten and perhaps it is nice because you can take a walk in the lovely park after when you’re a little bit drunk from all the beers. It was a little bit smaller than the others, but had a comfortable rooftop where you can sit with your friends and chill out and talk.

2. Go to an outdoor market


Different types of alcohol being sold at a stall at the Flohmarkt im Mauerpark.


If you find yourself ever bored on a Sunday in Berlin (since everything is likely closed), then definitely check out the Flohmarkt (fleemarket) in Mauerpark. This flee market is brimming with tasty ethnic cuisine, cheap (and I mean really cheap) secondhand clothing, used furniture, jewellery, sauces, spices, kitchen supplies, sausages, and the list goes on and on. There really isn’t anything you CAN’T find here — this market simply has it all. It is a great experience to grab a beer or Radler and walk around the different stalls. Even if you don’t feel ike buying anything, it is still super fun to see the diversity of what is offered.

After seeing the stalls I suggest to just walk around Mauerpark. It is huge and usually packed on warm summer days so there is lots of entertainment going on. When we went there were hundreds, if not thousands of people watching live street preformers and such.

3. Get lost and bike around Berlin


This picture is actually from a short biking-trip we took to a Schloss a little bit south of Berlin. When on a bike as opposed to walking it is definitely easier to see more in a shorter amount of time.


Destinations were super easy to reach on our bikes.


Even the Berliner Dom and the TV tower 🙂 I loved this day because I felt like I really got to see the city in depth. Most streets in Berlin are pretty bike-friendly and some even have bike lanes. I recommend biking around Tempelhofer Feld, Kreuzberg, Mitte and Alexanderplatz. You can really go wherever you’d like and it is definitely a neat experience to bike without directions and just get lost.

4. Visit a rooftop bar


The picture above showcases Klunkerkranich. It is a hidden-gem rooftop bar on the top of the NeuköllnArkaden mall. What I like a lot about this rooftop bar is that it has a very relaxed vibe. It wasn’t stuffy or fancy at all, just a bar to cater to people looking to have a good time without spending 10 euros on a drink.


We came here during the week so we luckily got a table overlooking the pretty compliation of orange roofs. However, on the weekends, I can assume it gets much busier so it would be a good idea to plan ahead. Everyone who visits Berlin should definitely check this place out! It is the perfect spot place to get stunning (& free) views of Berlin, chat with friends, get a little tan, or go on a date. You really can’t go wrong with visiting Klunkerkranich.

Overall, I hope I inspired you to do some of these things if you ever find yourself in Berlin on a warm and sunny day. I hope this post was helpful in providing some insight on cool spots in Germany’s capital city 🙂


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