A Weekend in Venice

The first evening

This post about Venice is going to include many more pictures than usual. I think the beauty of Venice is better seen than written about, but that’s just me. You can see for yourselves — I think the pictures do most of the talking 🙂

Upon arrival in Venice, I was starstruck. All of the quaint bridges, colorful canal-view homes, and men singing while steering gondolas simply seemed straight out of a movie.

Below was taken on the first bridge we crossed getting to our Airbnb.


Next, we dropped off our bags and set out to explore the city a bit more, hitting Saint Mark’s (San Marco) Basilica.


I couldn’t believe how stunning the cathedral was. All the intricate artwork and architecture was just magnificent. I felt very small standing next to it. There was even a small Italian band playing on the side giving it a very romantic setting. Warning: lots of men will try to sell you red roses in this plaza.

Next is a picture of what I had later that night: Bruschetta and an Aperol Spritz. Everyone who comes to Venice should try a Spritz. It was so tasty and definitely now one of my favorite drinks. It’s made with aperol, prosecco, soda water, and an orange slice if you’re feeling fancy.


We spent the rest of the evening walking around (and over many many bridges). It was a really calm experience to be able to stroll around in such serene neighborhoods without cars or loud noises. Venice definitely wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be which was also definitely a plus.

The next morning


I had lots of fun popping in and out of local Italian bakeries, Venetian mask shops, pasta stores, etc. Italians really pride themselves on their fashion and food which is no exaggeration. They have a lot to be proud of and after all… their products have spread to every corner of the world!


Of course we had to write some postcards back home by the canal. The lovely part about Venice is that there are a lot of dead ends which lead to canals. Therefore, these steps are the perfect place to drink a bottle of wine, chat, and relax.


Some more pretty sights around Venice.


A free art gallery that we came across!


Definitely a good idea to take lots of pictures of the bridges. They are all so unique and in my opinion the lesser known ones are much prettier than the Rialto Bridge, which is usually overcrowded and filled with souvenir shops. The bridges really make Venice come to life and it is mind-boggling to think how this whole city is built on water.


Don’t forget to take home some pasta to share with your friends and family. They will thank you, I promise.


Above is what I ate on the last night, a cheese-less pizza with tons of vegetables. All of the food we had in Venice was very tasty and not extremely expensive. Venice isn’t as known for their food as is Rome or Naples, however it was still way above average for an American like me. It was easy to find pizza and pasta dishes between $10 – $12 which surprised me because of how many tourists come to Venice.


I would like to say that Venice was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. It has a charm much different than the traditional European cities with old market squares and an old church. The whole of Venice is basically just as if not more beautiful as the tourist areas, so I’d recommend just walking around all the narrow side-streets as much as possible. Of course it is a nice experience to see St. Mark’s Basilica. However, I wouldn’t get too committed to the idea of hitting a bunch of places in just one or two days. It is a much nicer experience to stroll along the streets and watch the sun glimmer off the water at dusk.

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