What to do in Autumn in London

Walk through one of London’s beautiful parks

What’s better than walking through one of London’s gorgeous parks over cute bridges and alongside majestic swans? Go put on some comfy walking shoes and stroll through these pretty nature walks + anywhere else you might find spontaneously.


Everywhere is just so green and beautiful in late September/ early October!! I guess the rain does come with its benefits. You can’t go wrong taking a few hours to get to know Regents Park, Hyde Park, Victoria Park, Kensington Gardens, and all the others.


This photo was taken from the gardens at Hampton Court Palace. It is a bit of a trek, ~1 hour by train from London, but is definitely worth it. The gardens are uncomparable, and the flowers and architecture of the palace are beautiful.


This is a nice walkway on the outskirts of St. James’ park going from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben.

Another Autumn in London idea: Walk through cute areas in Soho

Carnaby St. and Soho in general have neat trendy modern lights which glow during the night. It’s really fun to grab a drink and then just walk around this neighborhood. It’s full of hidden bars, cute cafes, and delicious food. Get to see this set of lights before the Christmas ones are put up.



Daytime on Carnaby St.


Aaaaand nighttime 🙂


Kingly Court is a must-see and has many bars and restaurants. There’s one super cool one called Cahoots. I’ve never been but it’s apparently an old tube station!


Here’s Soho park, right next to all the cute streets from before.

Get a bite at a quirky cafe


Choccywoccydoodah is a super interesting cob-webbed bakery, cafe and chocolate shop. I waited in line with my friend and ate a slice of cake upstairs and I’ve got to say I was impressed!! I ordered the lemon cake with white chocolate drizzle… yum. This place combines quality sweets with an intense spooky atmosphere.


This cafe is actually situated in the Ralph Lauren Polo store on Regent St. and serves coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks. Despite looking extremely classy, it was actually a very chill atmosphere, and everything was moderately priced. The walls were decorated with horse pictures which brought me back to my horseback riding days 😉

Go to an underground bar


This bar is underground at The Ned, a hotel nearest to the ‘Bank’ tube station. This vault was actually featured in the third James Bond movie, Goldfinger. Inside the vault are a few seats to sit down and have a drink, and the atmosphere is just priceless. If you can go here I would definitely recommend it!

Eat awesome authentic street food

I think the best place to eat awesome street food (with the convenience of having it all in one tent) is in Brick Lane market. I’ll do a future post about markets and London, but all you need to know for now is that this place has kick-ass authentic food. Definitely take a trip here!! They have everything from Lithuanian food, all things dumplings, rolled ice cream, vegan stalls, and so so much more.


I got a veggie Bao from a Chinese stall. I loved these flavors!

Grab brunch with your friends and catch up


This is the “Full Veggie” from Drake & Morgan at kings cross which is basically EVERYTHING. Eggs. beans (British beans are to die for). spinach. mushrooms. avocado. grilled tomato. hash browns. What more could you want?!


Last but not least is another awesome Aussie-inspired brunch place, Granger & Co. I know my shrimp burger isn’t as photogenic as poached eggs on avocado toast 😉 but it was definitely really quality food at a good price. They also have some really nice-looking quinoa bowls, fried rice, classic brunch options, and even turmeric lattes which I love.


Last but not least is my brunch from The Ned’s rooftop lounge. I wouldn’t recomment this place over other reputable brunch spots in London, but the views were definitely beautiful!!

I hope you are inspired to get up and go take advantage of these fun things to do in London. The fall really is the perfect time to be out (despite the occassional rainfall) because it’s not too warm or too cold (yet!). Enjoy London!!! Tell me other cool things you like to do in this city 🙂

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