Best Markets & Street Food in London

London markets are pretty kick-ass. They offer tons of delicious street food, secondhand clothing, handmade jewellery, and all other sorts of knick-knacks. I’ll share with you guys a little bit about the markets I’ve visited. I’ll also point out what I think each market is best for!!

Borough Market

Best for: gourmet international products 


Borough Market is definitely one of the crowd favorites. I came here on a Saturday and there were so many people! Especially a lot of tourists, so watch your bags for pickpockets.

This market is known for its gourmet and high-quality produce. They have a very fine selection of meats, cheeses, baked goods, oils, and exotic spices. They has less street food than some other markets, but it is assured that everything is of a high standard.


One of my favorite thing to do here is SAMPLE. I mean, why not?! I love sampling different oils… especially truffle oil which is to-die-for. I’m definitely gonna pick up a bottle before I head back to America in December.


I got my first fish and chips here! I got the halibut because they had a special offer for less than £10. Still a little pricey, but it was worth it for the quality! Sketchy fish can be a bit funky… plus, it came with a very generous serving of chips 🙂

Camden Market

Best for: healthy street food, waterfront views


I. love. this. place. Honestly it is forever my favorite market in all of London. It has everything you could ever want from clothes to awesome vegan food to all sorts of drinks. There’s even a small-batch gin distillery here.


Camden market has all sorts of unique homemade items. I think these phone cases are such a creative idea! It would definitely make a nice birthday present for someone.

There is also a large assortment of secondhand and vintage clothing. There is a part of the market called ‘The Stables’, which actually used to be the home of hundreds of horses. Some vendors are situated inside the stalls which is pretty cool. Make sure you try to barter with the vendors as most of them are flexible with their prices.


Here is a gorgeous view of the canal from the market. It is best to visit this market on a sunny day because you can sit outside and get some food (!!!) and relax. I’ve been lucky enough to only have been here on sunny days. Visiting this market always makes a nice day.

Here I am being awkward drinking a Matcha Latte lol.


And now we’re onto some Camden Market food. My boyfriend and I walked past this vegan and gf cookie dough stand and couldn’t resist. The French man running the stand put a little bit of everything in it and it was very tasty. The cookie dough base was a mix of brownie, vanilla, and peanut butter — with strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and coconut shavings on top. I would definitely come back here!!


Here is the “Up-Beet” burger from V Burger. It comes with a bunch of toppings and the dill gherkins gives it a tangy twist. I abosolutely love this place because their burgers are so delicious and taste so fresh. They are so much more than the standard ‘black bean’ burger.

When I was here in October, I ordered the spooky pumpkin burger. I was a little skeptical but it was so satisfying. Plus, they keep you full for a long time. They also offer a seitan schnitzel, falafel burger, and some seasonal ones.


Here’s a view of a section of the market. It’s honestly huge and you can easily spend a few hours here! Camden market is a must-see if you’re ever in London, just be aware of the crowds on the weekends.

KERB Kings Cross

Best for: street food

kerb 0 kc

This is a small street food market in Kings Cross. Tucked behind the trees are a few awesome food stands. The market is next to some notable brunch places like Dishoom and Caravan.

kerb kc

Here is an Asian tofu-noodle dish I ordered! Since there are only a few vendors here, they are all carefully selected and super tasty.

kerb kc2

You can grab some street food and chill on the steps. It’s very peaceful to sit here by the canal and hangout. Although this market is small, it is in a very calm area which isn’t very touristy.

Brick Lane Market

Best for: diverse street food, vintage clothes


Brick Lane has tons of vintage shopping… but also a huge assortment of street food. This is an outside view of the market. It is pretty big and the vintage clothes are mostly underground.

On another note, buying secondhand clothes is one way you can help the planet. Instead of buying new everytime, it is a good idea to buy clothes that other people don’t want anymore. There are so many unworn clothes on this planet and most people have more than they need. I am a victim of frequently buying new clothes from Zara and H&M and am working on donating more and buying from secondhand shops.


Back to FOOD. This picture is inside the food hall at Brick Lane Market. The hall offers so much diversity and it is situated indoors which is perfect for colder weather. I definitely want to return here and sample a few authentic meals. Try something you’ve never had before!


Here is a vegetable Bao that I got from this Chinese stand. I love trying new foods!!

Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market

Best for: street food, baked goods


I usually come to this farmers’ market before my 2pm class on Thursdays. It’s usually really crowded but I think this adds a fun buzz to the market. You have to hustle to get to your food station but it’s so worth it. A lot of students come here after class since the market is right outside of SOAS University London and a few others. For about £6-7 you can get a really satisfying meal.


Seafood paella


Amazing Thai food!! I’ve gotten the green vegetable curry a few times and its so filling. Also, the curry is made with coconut milk which is much healthier and more ethical 🙂


Plus, there are tons of baked goods! I got the apple tart which is also conveniently dairy-free.


And of course you have your traditional British baked goods as well.


Fresh farmed produce! I love buying organic and locally-grown produce because I can always taste the difference with fresh food. Buying local is also more environmentally friendly since the food doesn’t need to be transported from far away, and it supports local farmers that compete with huge farms. I definitely recommend picking up some fresh produce here!


An overview to show how busy the market can be. It runs only on Thursdays so make sure to plan ahead if you want to come here. It’s a vibrant spot to grab some food and eat in a nearby park or sit on some steps. This is one of London’s markets where tons of students go.

I hope you enjoyed this post about markets in London! I know there are still many, many more, but it’s a start. I definitely would like to check out Old Spitalfields and Maltby Street Market at some point too. Have a nice week and I definitely recommend visiting a few of these markets if you ever find yourself in London! 🙂

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