A Sunny Saturday in Liverpool

Last weekend, I got the opportunity to go to Liverpool for the day with my college. It was my first UK city outside of London, so I was super excited for this trip.

The day started with seeing the Cavern Club, where many famous people have performed, most notably the Beatles.


Me and the John Lennon sculpture


The Cavern Wall of Fame


Royal Liver Building

After the Cavern Club and walking around, we headed to the Beatles Museum and strolled by some pretty buildings. These buildings reminded me a little bit like downtown Washington D.C. which was interesting!


Around here, we learned about the Hillsborough disaster, which I had not heard of before. We saw a memorial dedicated to the 96 people who lost their lives in 1989 due to being trampled at a soccer match. It was devastating to hear about this, but it was nice to get the opportunity to see the memorial and pay our respects.

Next, we headed to the Beatles Museum.



Some fun pictures from the Beatles Museum!


An exhibit dedicated to John Lennon’s Imagine. It was really intense to be here and read the lyrics all over the walls.


The Albert Docks

Here is the pretty waterfront in Liverpool. Apparently Liverpool used to be one of the biggest trading ports in the world, so it was interesting to see how it has evolved over time. Liverpool actually reminded me a bit of Hamburg, Germany. I feel like they both had the same vibe being situated on ports. However, walking more inland, they are quite different.


Next we stopped for lunch, which was much needed after so much sightseeing. We all worked up an appetite!! I ordered the seafood linguine which was really tasty and actually pretty light. The seafood was definitely fresh too. I forget the name of the place but it was good, however the service was super slow.

Our train back to London was leaving at 4:30pm, and I still wanted to see the cathedral. I got the check and a few of us in our group took off to the cathedral!


A little rainbow along our walk to the cathedral. I loved how the look of a lot of streets in Liverpool.


I can’t even describe how HUUUGE this cathedral is. It is actually Europe’s 5th largest, and is THE largest in the UK. I had no clue this was here until I arrived to Liverpool! I’m so glad we went. Entry was free, and it was just felt moving to be in there.


The stained glass windows had such lovely vivid colors. They were so tall too, and really added to the powerful atmosphere of the cathedral.


A few more buildings on our way back to the train station. I love the architecture here! We rarely see buildings like this in America, so I always freak out when I see this architecture 🙂


Although our day in Liverpool felt short, we got to see some of the best sites in the city. I’m really happy I got the opportunity to visit!

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