8 Romantic Photos of Paris

Here are a few romantic Paris photos I took during my last visit, which I thought really represented the city’s unique charm and romance.

The first photo was taken at a market in Oberkampf, the second at the Palace de Luxembourg, the third on a random street, the fourth at a sweets shop, the fifth along the Seine river, the sixth at the iconic Eiffel Tower, seventh of a bike in Le Marais, and the eighth at the beautiful “Le Mur des Je t’aime“.

A few of the photos I took were after the sun set. I really felt like the darkness of these places added a more complex feeling than seeing them during the day. Paris can be so bright and cheery in the sunshine, but also very mysterious after dusk. It really is the perfect city to sit somewhere by the river sipping some red wine with your lover at night.


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