Beach Days in Cancun

Bienvenido y feliz año nuevo! I went to Cancun between Christmas Day and NYE this year with my family and live the beach life. To say the least, we went on countless beach walks, danced on the beach, made sand castles, and explored an island. It felt nice to be reunited with my family after studying abroad for the fall semester in London. Gonna tell you more about my favorite parts 🙂

Started every morning with a huge veggie breakfast. You could catch me every morning at our hotel’s breakfast buffet binge eating papaya 🙂 Papaya has to be one of my favorite foods – I guess you either love it or you hate it though. Apparently it’s beneficial for digestion and is high in fiber. The buffet basically had eggs served every way imaginable – poached, scrambled, fried, omelet, scrambled with ham or veggies. As an egg lover I couldn’t resist. Yum yum yum.

standing under a palm tree on the beach

Here I am on the way to the beach. Yes alright I’m a bit pale from being in London for the semester haha but at least I tried to get some sun. I spent the majority of my time at the beach, but one day my family and I wanted a break from the resort life so we took a ferry to a small island nearby.

downtown isla mujeres

Here’s a picture of what the main shopping area around Isla Mujeres looks like when you get off the ferry. I love all the local goods from the fun flowy beach hats to the jewellery. Everything is so colorful which made me happy.

Grabbing some fresh coconut water from the side of the street 😉 Nothing better on a hot day. Cococnut water is filled with tons of electrolytes and keeps you hydrated especially while cruising around an island.


Here’s a picture from a Turtle Farm we visited. While it was cool to see a bunch of turtles, I couldn’t help but feeling a little sad they weren’t free in the ocean. I thought the white one was the cutest. I wonder if the other ones noticed he was different.


Next, we stopped for some drinks and a snack at The Joint. We LOVED this place. They have the best frozen mojitos which are out of this world. Basically, just come here for the drinks… they will not dissapoint. They’re also huge and theres just such a fun beachy vibe about this place. They also offer some live music on a stage right in front of where everyone eats.


Here I am enjoying my mango mojito 🙂 Definitely one of the best drinks I’ve had and I could even taste the freshness of the mango in it.

After getting drinks, we stopped at Playa Norte to roam around and grab a bite to eat. I went swimming in the water and then wandered around with my sister in the water. The waves were so calm and I couldn’t help but feel in complete bliss. I like wading around in calm water and seeing if I see any fish swimming by my feet. As a child I was always so fascinated by marine life since my dad always took me snorkeling.

Now I’m doing the best I can to protect this nature in any way I can. Coral reefs are already being devastated by coral bleaching and calcification. Becoming more sustainable starts with little things like using reusable bags at the supermarket instead of buying plastic ones. Now, I have a 2018 goal of doing a beach cleanup the next time I go to a beach with lots of trash.

mexican food

A yummy meal at the resort I stayed at, the Riu Dunamar. There was a huge buffet so I just made myself a vegetable taco with Yuca chips and Mexican rice and OF COURSE guacamole because how could I forget those healthy fats 😉

beach life

Here’s a picture from a beach walk on my last day in Mexico. We were here for almost a week but it honestly flew by so fast. It’s funny because my family always prefers beach vacations but I always want to travel to European cities or visit Asia. But oh well, we’re allowed to have our different opinions and I’m not complaining at all about this lovely warm beach vacation 🙂 I’m very grateful we get to make these trips as a family and for the time we spent together.

Mexico is really a place that prides themselves on their culture. The people are so warm and family-oriented, and keep up their traditions in the kitchen. I love the colorful houses, festive clothing, and beautiful Mexican landscape. Would also love to check out Mexico City sometime. Until next time Mexico. Adios y felices vacaciones <3


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