7 Healthy Hotspots in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen healthy food scene is buzzing with raw juices, fresh fish, hearty salads, and healthy versions of typical Danish dishes. There is no lack of healthy food in Copenhagen. I’m going to go through my favorite places to grab light + affordable food. On a student’s budget, it isn’t the easiest thing to eat out in this city. However, I made sure there were options under $20 at these places! Definitely check some out 🙂


  1. Madogkaffe

This classic spot is known by many Danish locals and international instagrammers alike, and should be at the top of your list if coming to Copenhagen. The concept behind Madogkaffe is that you order either 3, 5, or 7 small dishes. Basically, you cross off on a little slip of paper what you would like to order and then it is brought out to you. I love this idea because it lets you try a few different varieties of food instead of being stuck with one.

You can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like. As you can see, I ordered a combination of sweet and savory items. Gotta love Nordic smoked salmon 🙂 There are many typical Danish breakfast items on the menu such as rugbrød and baked goods.


  1. California Kitchen

No, I promise I don’t just like this spot because it’s founded by some American who fell in love with Copenhagen. Seriously though, California Kitchen offers some of the best healthy Asian-inspired dishes in Copenhagen at decent prices. The concept is perfect for healthy eaters who need something quick, hence being able to make-your-own-bowl or order from their preselected menu.

I love the concept of being able to create my own poke or salad bowl. What really stood out to me about California Kitchen is their black rice. It was so nutty and earthy, something I’d never really tasted before. It made the whole bowl come together really well and united all the ingredients. Not to mention the interior of the eatery is very stylish as well and can be a nice place to meet a friend or have a casual business lunch.


  1. Cafe Gæst

Okay so pretty much all of my brunch places so far have included salmon, and the word ‘cafe’ in them. Oh well haha.

Anyways, my friends and I came here for brunch one sunny morning in Copenhagen. We opted to sit outside to soak up the sun, and then switched to inside, where we studied for a few hours. I ordered a salad with smoked salmon and yeah, it was absolutely amazing. We also split a side of fries when we were studying since sometimes a salad won’t hold me through the whole day.


  1. Laundromat Café

Laundromat café is an eatery where you can run your load of laundry while grabbing a tasty breakfast or lunch. The design of the café is really cute as well, with tons of photos on the wall of old school American laundromats. The menu is quite diverse and there are many options ranging from large omelets to veggie burgers. I ended up getting the mega-vegan which included beetroot hummus utop sliced + roasted sweet potato. It was so delicious I’m inspired to recreate to it at home sometime.

Now I’m all wrapped up in a blanket since I got chilly.


  1. Hope Café

I was very shocked at how much I loved Hope Cafe. I think it’s quite underrated, especially since I walked by it almost everyday on my way to Next Door Cafe (post soon to come on coziest cafes in CPH). This quaint cafe was right next to my university but I never took the time to peek inside until a few months into my program. I wish I knew about it sooner! So much hidden healthy food in Copenhagen, you just need to look for it 🙂

My quinoa bowl included lettuce, roasted chickpeas, avocado, sundried tomatoes, and roasted almonds. The chickpeas were absolutely amazing, and added a crunch to my bowl. They also put a bomb cashew-lemon dressing which was super tasty. Pro tip: order a secret vegan snickers bar at Hope – they sell them but only a few people know they exist under the counter.


  1. Wedofood

Wedofood is the perfect spot for lunch to-go to go eat in a park or at the office. You can design your own salad or pick from their list. They offer a large assortment of toppings and I can assure that you won’t be hungry after. The salads are quite large and definitely worth it for around 80 DKK or $12 USD.

They have quite unique proteins such as tofu-feta as well. The salad I ordered contained mixed greens, pickled onions, green beans, chickpeas, quinoa, and sundried tomato.


7. Letz Sushi

Last but not least, another healthy place to grab quick a quick bite is the Danish chain, Letz Sushi. I came here with a friend for lunch one day and got served really quickly. All of the sushi tasted very fresh as well. Of course if you have the money, go splurge at Sticks N’ Sushi, but if you’re looking for something more lowkey, try here.


And of course if you have a sweet tooth like me, you’ll probably be looking for some ice cream if you visit Copenhagen on a warm day. Definitely treat yourself and hit up Nice Cream in Nørrebro. They serve super yummy vegan ice cream flavors. If you visit the Elmegade location, walk down to the Lakes and get a feel for what life is like in Copenhagen.

Also I just wanted to say that I do love eating at home. However, I feel as though sometimes if you’re always cooking at home it’s easy to miss out on experiences getting to know the city you’re in. That’s why I like to treat myself to places like these once in a while, however I still am a big fan of home-cooked food. Going out also leads to the possibility of finding some new inspiration for meals at home.

There are so many options when it comes to finding healthy food in Copenhagen. I hope you have as much fun eating your way through this city as I did 🙂


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