Coziest Cafes in Copenhagen

It’s no secret that Danes are culturally obsessed with hygge, which is somewhat equivalent in English to coziness, comfort, warmth, and conviviality. In the winter, they like to get super snuggly in blankets, light tons of candles, put on their fuzziest socks, and bond over tea or a warm fireplace. It’s not about material goods, but rather spending quality time with the people you care about and the feeling of closeness. Many countries around the world are also noticing this Danish concept. One of my favorite articles from the New Yorker discusses the hygge craze that is seeping into America if you’re interested in reading more 🙂

This concept of hygge can also be felt in many of the cafes in Copenhagen. Grab a buddy and check out some cafes and maybe you’ll experience some hygge yourself.

Pro tip: try the chai lattes in Copenhagen. I don’t know what sort of strange Danish ingredients they put in it, but they taste way better than anywhere else I’ve had one.


1. Paludans Bogcafe – studious café with best decor

Paludans is a classic spot in Copenhagen to meet a friend, go on a date, or study. What makes this cafe unique is that the walls are almost completely filled with books. This cafe is typically packed during its opening hours and is a typical meeting place for locals and internationals in Copenhagen. This cafe is one that isn’t trying to be overly minimalist or sleek. Instead, it has a medieval feel, and has multiple rooms to sit in. This cafe also has a really good menu if you get hungry (apparently the lasagna is amazing). Paludans seriously tops the list of best cafes in Copenhagen based off its reasonable prices, variety of items to order, and constantly buzzing atmosphere.


2. Living Room – coziest vibes

cafes in Copenhagen

All of the drinks here are pretty insane. The ginger + elderflower + lemon tea is one of my favorites. Although on the pricey side, the atmosphere and the quality of the drinks cannot be matched. There is a fireplace in the downstairs area where you can snuggle on the couch and do some work or just hangout.


3. Coffee Industry Sweden – best upstairs hangout

I met up with a friend here one day and ordered some fresh orange juice which was really tasty. I really loved the interior design and the upstairs area was especially cozy. It’s easy to get caught up going to the same two or three mainstream cafes but I’m glad I ventured out to find this one. I think it’s one of the more discreet of the cafes in Copenhagen, but also one of the best.


4. Next Door Cafe – hippiest vibe

NDC was around the corner from where I studied, offered a student discount, and always had the best music playing. Out of all the cafes on the list, I spent most of my time here. I would rate this as the most hip cafe on the list, with tons of scraps, photos, foreign currencies, and old tickets left from travelers passing by. This cafs has such a fun vibe and they play pretty funky music. Maybe not the best place to study due to the noise, but definitely the perfect place to meet a friend and have some breakfast or coffee. The prices are also pretty fair compared to the rest of Copenhagen.


5. Café Nutid – best seating areas

This volunteer run café (meaning that prices aren’t ridiculous since it operates as a nonprofit) sits on the corner of Nørregade and Sankt Peders Stræde. It’s a pretty short walk from Nørreport station so there should be no hassle getting here. Café Nutid is great because there are pretty unconventional places to sit, like on elevated surfaces nudged into the room. It’s pretty fun to study while overlooking the rest of the room. When I visited this cafe, they sold an assortment of cricket snacks if you ever get curious and want to try, come here. The chai lattes are great here 🙂


6. Tipi Bar (Verdenshjørnet) – unique structure + interior

I absolutely love the concept of Tipi Bar. At this cafe + bar hybrid, you can enjoy a beer or coffee while playing board games or just chilling out. The walls are literally made of some durable, canvas material which is really cool. Definitely very Berlin-y vibes here.


7. Coffee Collective – minimalist decor

Trendy, culty, minimalist, are all words I’d use to describe Coffee Collective. This is probably the most bougie café on the list, but offers super high quality coffee and teas. Apparently they also have some really delicious home brewed kombucha, but it was sold out when I visited. I got some green tea and worked on a paper for a few hours here. Just be aware CC gets quite busy in the afternoons and on the weekends. It’s a really great philosophy that they follow, that all of their coffee is fully traceable, derived exclusively from fresh harvests, and come from single fields.


8. Studenterhuset – best student prices

Studenterhuset is a great hangout for students and young people from all universities around Copenhagen. They offer a pretty generous discount if you show your student card, which definitely helps. Plus, they host all kinds of events for students which can be a great way to meet people when new to the city.


After visiting all of these places, I can conclude that the cafes in Copenhagen are so full of inspiration. Just imagine all the innovative ideas, work, and conversations that have been cultivated in these cozy cafes in Copenhagen. Join in and see what they’re like 🙂


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