Thoughts on Minimalism

Minimalism has been trending in modern society for quite a few years. People have been moving into tiny homes and getting rid of inessential items, all in hopes to make life more manageable.

If you know me, you know I love to organize. I need my fridge to be sorted, my clothes to be color coordinated, and my shoes to be perfectly lined up. Call me crazy but being this way has had such a positive impact on my life. The first step is to become more organized. Take inventory of all your belongings, and then decide if you’re ready to take a minimalistic approach.

Yesterday, I helped my dad sort through our family storage unit. While helping him, I found tons of boxes with my childhood memories. These boxes contained everything from birthday party invitations, my 14 year-old dog’s paperwork, my messy paintings from kindergarten, yearbooks, class photos, booklets I made in school about my summer holiday, and so on. I was so overwhelmed with all these memories, nostalgia flooded my mind. However, I couldn’t ignore feeling really lost and distraught at the same time. Seeing all of these items in boxes made me feel uneasy. I felt a little nauseus and felt really stuck about what to do with everything…

Everything is digital now, so should I keep everything prior?

My decision was no. I threw out about 95% of my old stuff out. I realized all these little knick knacks serve no purpose in my life, and it just made me anxious to think about it being out there somewhere in boxes. I did keep a few items, items of much meaning, such letters from my best friend while I was at camp, or photos of my first time at the beach with my dad in the 90s.

It felt so absolutely freeing to say goodbye to this clutter. I have also downsized in many other areas of my life, such as my wardrobe. For example, before I buy something, I try to think… “will I wear this more than once”? If yes, then I think if it is neutral enough to pair with my other clothes. Then, I end up with a wardrobe only of items I really enjoy wearing.

I strongly prefer to have fewer, high quality pieces of clothing, over an assortment of cheap clothes. This also goes hand in hand to eventually stop supporting fast fashion. The price points of sustainable + ethical shopping are still so high, but it is an industry in which I am really invested in! I can’t wait to see how it will develop over time.

Next time you’re looking at your stuff, think of what really adds value to your daily life. Minimalism is a concept that can be taken to the extreme, but seriously, don’t feel forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Having said that, also try to be willing to let stuff go. If you haven’t touched it in the past year, it probably isn’t worth keeping. I really believe removing old clutter in your life creates room for new ideas, thoughts, and innovations. It is hard to focus if you have so many things you can’t even keep track of it all. The fewer things you have, the less you have to worry about. MORE MONEY MORE PROBLEMS. LESS IS MORE. All mottos I stand by 🙂

In Denmark, I saw minimalism practically everywhere. So many of the restaurants and bars were clean and modern, but they were designed in a way to still feel super cozy. Read my most cozy cafes in Copenhagen post for a taste of what they’re like! Minimalism doesn’t mean an empty room with one boring dark-brown bed – don’t think that. In the home, it’s about creating a space where you can think without distraction, where your thoughts can cultivate peacefully. I dream of having a little home someday with open-concept spaces with neutral tones and lots of plants. My goal is to keep everything as simple as it can be in my life. To not overconsume. 

Minimalism is a concept which I really admire, and have incorporated into my life from grocery shopping, clothes shopping, and every other aspect. I would love to hear your opinions!


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