Guide to Parks, Beaches & Castles in Copenhagen

Whether its the city’s serene beaches or crowded parks, there is an endless amount of wonderful outdoor spots to be experienced in and around Copenhagen. One of my favorite parts about Copenhagen is the fact that spending time outside is so integrated into the everyday lives of the Danes. Whether they bike to university, go on a long walk with their dog after work, or simply sit outside on your porch and enjoy a coffee, Danes love the outdoors. Here are my top outdoor places in Copenhagen!


Assistens Kirkegård

This is hands down the most beautiful cemetary you will ever see. At least that’s my opinion… I would ride my bike through here sometimes and always see tons of people walking around. It’s quite funny for an American to see so many people spend to much time in such a location. However, to them, there was nothing peculiar about it, they would just stroll around the cemetary!

Anyways, this park is also notable since it is home to the graves of Danish author, Hans Christian Andersen, and Danish philosopher, Soren Kirkegaard.



This is the best park to visit on a sunny day in Copenhagen. It’s often packed with sunbathers and students from KU which is across the street. I passed this park on my way to and from uni everyday, so sometimes I would stop by and just lay in the sun. It’s a really peaceful place, and there are tons of solo people here.


Frederiksborg Castle

In my opinion, this is one of the most magical places in Scandinavia. It is really the perfect place to come for a long walk and a view of a magnificant castle. You can easily spend 1-2 hours just walking around on the trails in the back, or gazing at the powerful architectural structures.

This is the most lovely place for a romantic walk at dusk.


Rosenborg Castle

If you’re only staying a few days in Copenhagen, this is one of the parks you can’t miss even if you tried. It’s situated centrally in Copenhagen, providing the perfect oasis to break away from a busy day. Give a hand to the Danes for putting a castle right downtown in their capital city.


Utterslev Mose

This park is truly my happy place. It is so large and the nature is so pristine, I felt at ease every time I was there. This easily became my favorite place to spend time in Copenhagen. It’s not the most convenient place to get to (unless you have a bike which I would highly highly recommend), but if you’re staying anywhere in the area, definitely take some time to come here.

I loved it here because it was so effortless. The park seemed to be in harmony with the surrounding neighborhoods. On the weekends you’d see tons of runners and families going on long walks after breakfast. It was a place where no matter the time of year, the community would put it to use to get some fresh air.

One of my favorite memories here was running with my Danish host mom. I lived with a Danish family during my study abroad semester, and they made such an impact on my stay. I miss them so dearly, and can’t wait to reunite someday. I’ll always remember struggling so hard to keep up with my host mom in this park, but laughing because we were having so much fun together.


Amager Strandpark

This one is a classic spot in Copenhagen. This is where all the fitness people come to run on the raised wooden path, and to tan in the sun. It’s a really nice location to chill out with some friends, or read a book. It gets pretty packed in the summer, since it is arguably the best-known beach in Copenhagen. However, it’s definitely worth visiting… maybe you’ll even get to meet some locals.

As you can see in the picture I took, there are tons of offshore wind turbines out in the ocean. How’s that for sustainability in Denmark? 🙂


Strandvejen & Charlottenlund Fort

Strandvejen is a very gorgeous road that goes up the eastern coast of Copenhagen & the surrounding suburbs. I lived pretty close to this area so on days where I didn’t have much to do, or needed some sun, I would bike up this road headed north. Before coming to Denmark to study, I had no clue there would be such beautiful beaches and harbours. I was definitely proven wrong by all the beauty in Denmark’s gorgeous coastline.

Strandvejen is also a fun road to drive up because there are really opulent houses and tasty places to eat.

Charlottenlund Fort is technically on Strandvejen, and is a really lovely place to hangout or have a picnic. If you’re a dog person there’s usually tons of cute dogs to look at as well.


Superkilen Park

This park was designed by the legendary Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels. This park is said to exemplify global urban diversity through a public space. It’s situated in Nørrebro, which is likely the most diverse neighboorhood in Copenhagen, and is home to many immigrants. Denmark itself is a quite homogenous nation, so this park is important in encouraging unity within the community.


Mons Klint

Mons Klint, or the white cliffs, is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in Denmark. The white sand makes it so the water appears to be crystal clear. There are many stairs to get down to the beach, so I would suggest going on a sunny, dry day. There are also great places to hike at the top of the cliffs, and see the beach from different vantage points.

This outdoor location is actually not in Copenhagen, but can be reached in about 1.5 hours. It is quite easy to rent a car and drive south. The drive is also a great way to see the Danish countryside, and even pull over to pick up some fresh potatoes (kartofler).

If you’re debating whether or not the drive is worth it, I would say go for it. It is one of the highest elevations in Denmark, and is such a pretty area. I could not believe my eyes when I saw how turquoise the water was. It’s such a stunning location!


I hope this post helps guide you towards finding your perfect outdoor spot in Copenhagen.


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